Adding Organizations to Projects

If one or more of your project partners already exist on as an Organization, then it is possible to add them to your Project. This will make your Project appear on the page of your partner Organization and you will be able to show the Organization on your Project's Partner list.

Example of an Organization's landing page listing the two Projects the Organization was added to.

Adding an Organization to your Project

Go to your Project overview and navigate to the Linked Organizations page.

Shouldn't your Project already be linked to your own Organization, then the list of Linked Organizations will appear empty.

Click on ADD to start searching for an Organization to add.

In the search bar, start typing in the name of the Organization you are searching for and want to add to your Project. Once you have found the Organization you want to add, click on ADD ORGANIZATION.

Authorization required if you are not the Organization's owner
Depending on if you are the owner or not of the Organization, you will be able to add it immediately to your Project or you will have to wait for an authorization from the owner to do it, respectively. In the latter case, the Organization's owner will be informed about your action. Until the owner has authorized the addition of the Organization to your Project, the respective entry in the Linked Organization list will look as follows:

While no authorization or declination takes place, the entry of the Linked Organization will show up with a status warning.

During this phase, there will be no effect of the added Organization either for the Project nor the Organization side. Only after final authorization will the Linked Organization be active.

Consider that the Organization owner is also entitled to decline the addition, removing the Organization completely from your Project.

As soon as the Organization owner has authorized the addition, the warning will disappear and the Organization will be available for further actions.

Removing an Organization

To remove an Organization from your Project, go to the Linked Organizations list and select the REMOVE FROM PROJECT action from the drop down menu of the respective Organization.

Being the Organization's owner

In case your Organization was added to a Project, you will get a notification per email. At the same time, in the Linked Projects list of your Organization overview, you will see if any Project was linked to it.

If your Organization was added to a Project, you will see the respective Project listed in your Linked Project list of the Organization overview. The respective entry will allow you to DECLINE or AUTHORIZE the procedure.

Decide whether you want to authorize or decline the addition to the Project. As soon as you authorize the addition, the Project will show up on your Organization's landing page.

Projects linked to your Organization will show up on your Organization's page.

Unlinking Projects from your Organization

As an Organization owner, you can remove (i.e. unlink) your Organization from any Project at any time. For that, go to the Linked Projects list of your Organizations overview, choose the Project you want to unlink and choose the LEAVE PROJECT action from the drop down menu.

Unlink your Organization from Project by selecting the LEAVE PROJECT option from the drop down menu.

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