Linking Organizations to Partner

Should an organization, which is listed as a Partner on your Project, have its own Organization presence on, then it is possible to link the Partner entry directly to the Organization's page on

Before you proceed with the following instructions, please make sure to understand what Partners and Organizations are and how they work, and how to add an Organization to a Project.

Linking Organizations to Partner entries

Before proceeding, make sure that the Organization you want to link to a Partner entry has already been added to your Project as explained here. This is a prerequisite.

Go to your Linked Organization list on your Project overview.

Choose the Organization which you want to link to a Partner entry. Make sure it is still not linked to any Partner and click on the link icon. A popup window will open with further options.

Make sure that the Organization is still not linked to any Partner ① and then click on the link icon ②

In the popup window choose if you want to create a new Partner entry or link the Organization to an existing one.

There are two options when linking an Organization to a Partner entry. In case the Partner still does not exist, you can create a new entry ① or you can link the Organization to an already existing Partner, to be chosen from the list ②. You can always start typing the Partner name in the search field to narrow down the results shown in the list .

In the next step, you will be taken to the Partner form (learn more at Partners). In case you are creating a new Partner, complete the form. For existing Partners, update the fields, if needed. In both cases, the name, acronym and logo image will be synchronized with the Organization for the sake of consistency. Conclude the edition by clicking on LINK TO PARTNER button.

Accessing the Organization's page (from the Project page)

As soon as an Organization is linked to a Partner, visitors will be redirected to the Organizations page when clicking on the Partner's name or logo (see image below for further explanation).

By clicking on the names of the Partners linked to an Organization, the visitor will be redirected to the Organization's page on ①. Should the Partner have its name and/or logo shown in the Project header, then these will also be directly linked to the Organization's page ②③.

Unlinking an Organization from a Partner

To unlinking the Organization from a Partner entry, go again to the Linked Organizations list and click on the UNLINK icon of the Organization you want to unlink. Confirm the action in the popup window.

By clicking on the unlink icon, the link between the Organization and the respective Partner entry will be removed.

Note: With this operation

  • the Partner entry will not be deleted and
  • the Organization will not be removed from the Project (refer to Linked Organizations).

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