Map embedding

Embedding and integrating in your organization’s website

Presently, it is not possible to directly embed your project into your organization’s web page. This feature will be available soon.

Until the new embedding feature is ready, we recommend linking your website to projects using a screenshot with a link.

For that, take a screenshot of the view of your project on you like the most. Embed the screenshot image into your website using the functionality of your web solution or integrating it with the respective HTML code. Make sure to set the link to open in a new browser tab (use the target attribute _blank in case of HTML code). Use the general or the exclusive URL to your project overview or one of the sub views.

Once set up, visitors of your organization's page clicking on the linked image will be taken to your project on in a new tab.

You can improve the look of your image by adding a ‘call to action’ button. We have created some templates that can help you to format your screenshots. Download: .pptx.

Examples of 'call to action' elements on the image


Markdown is a clean way to format your texts without the need for HTML knowledge or in …

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