Creating Partners

No project is run by solely one organization. On the contrary, generally, several institutions take apart in the execution of projects. allows listing them all on your Project presentation.

Adding Partners to a Project

Navigate to the Partner content page.

Your Partner content page will list all Partners shown in your Project presentation. Add new Partners by clicking on the + icon on the top right of the list. In this screenshot, the list is still empty as yet no Partner was added.

To add your first Partner, click on the + icon in the top right corner of the pane and the "Create a new Partner" form will open.

Following fields are available (fields marked with a * are mandatory):

Name *
Type in the official name of the organization you want to list as a Partner. Do not type the acronym here. Use the next field for that.

Should the partner organization have an official acronym, then type it in here. Leave it empty if no official acronym exists.

Upload the logo of the partner organization. Make sure to have the image cropped to the limits of the logo.

Role *
Indicate with a couple of keywords what the role of the partner organization is. Some examples are "In partnership with", "Research partner", "Financial supporter" or "Project manager" for the responsible organization.

Describe with a few sentences how the partner organization is participating in the project.

Enter here a link to the partner's web presence.

The next two option fields "Show Partner's logo on the Project header image" and "List Partner in Project header" will be addressed further below.

Save the content by clicking on the CREATE button.

Note: Ensure you have the authorization of your partner organization to list it in your Project presentation.

The Partner list

The Partner list shows all Partners of the Project.
Note: Since there is no 'draft' status, every entry will also be immediately visible in the public Project presentation.

Each entry line shows you:

  • the logo,
  • the role,
  • the name and acronym,
    of the Partner, as well as
  • the user who created the Partner.

In addition, you have following operations available:

  • Editing the logo (deleting or substituting),
  • showing the description, and
  • editing the all other Partner's fields.

Deleting a Partner

To delete a Partner, go to the extended menu by clicking on the three dots icon on the right of the entry and select Delete.

Sorting Partners by importance

As soon as you have two or more Partners listed in your Project, you have the possibility to sort them by importance. The order of the Partner entries will be propagated in different contexts of the public Project presentation.

To edit the order of the Partner list, click on the edit icon on the top right of the pane.

You will enter the edit mode. Drag and drop the entries as needed.

Once you're done, click on the confirmation icon on the top right of the pane or cancel the changes by clicking in the cross icon.

Prominent Partners

All Partners are important, but there are some which need a bit more attention than others ;-). In order to present some selected Partners in a more prominent way, you have two possibilities:

  1. Listing Partners in the header area of your Project presentation, or
  2. Showing the Partner's logo on the Project's header image.

Or both!

Edit the entry of the Partner organization you want to highlight. On the bottom of the "Edit Partner" form you will find the two fields "Show Partner's logo on the Project header image" and "List Partner in Project header".

Show Partner's logo on the Project header image
By selecting this option, the logo of the Partner will appear on the Project header image.

List Partner in Project header
Here, you can choose if you want to list the name or the acronym (if available) of the Partner organization in the Project header area. Should you list several Partners with longer names, then it might be interesting to show the acronym instead, as else the list becomes to long.

Note, that the order of your Partners in the list will be propagated in this two contexts as well.

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