Adding a Stakeholder

To add a new Stakeholder to your Project, navigate to the overview page of your Project and select the Stakeholder menu item ①. The Stakeholder management page opens.

Now, in the top right corner of the pane, click on the plus icon ② and the Create a new Stakeholder entry form will open. Alternatively, it is possible to create a Stakeholder directly from the menu by clicking on the plus icon to the right of the menu item Stakeholder ③.

The Stakeholder form

The form is composed by the following fields:

Name: Introduce the official name of the organization.

Acronym: Indicate the official acronym of the organization, e.g. WWF for World Wide Fund for Nature. Leave this field empty if no official acronym exists!

Logo: Upload the official logo of the organization.

Role: Designate the role of the organization as a stakeholder of the project. A few examples are "Financial supporter", "Scientific partner", "In collaboration with", etc.

Description: Describe in a few words in which way the Stakeholder organization is involved in the project.

Link: Add a link to the organization's page.

Prominence: Here, it is possible to decide whether the organization's logo and/or name shall appear in the project's header section. Activate the selection box to show the organization's logo on the header image. Select name or acronym in case you want one of them to show up in the header. Leave none selected otherwise.

Save by clicking on the Create button.

Note: Make sure you have the authorization of the respective organization to list it in your Project.

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