What are Projects?

Within explorer.land, Projects are always related to a geographical extension shown on the map. In addition to a descriptive content, a Project contains Sites and geolocalized Posts, both of which are shown on the map. Furthermore, it is possible to list Partners and Sponsors.

If organizations related to the project are listed on explorer.land, you can link them to the Project.

Why explorer.land's Projects do not always correspond to the 'real life' project

With explorer.land, it does not always make sense to create a Project which reflects exactly the real project. An example. Consider an organization which is carrying out a project with intervention sites spread over several regions or countries. Although all intervention sites belong to that one formal project, within explorer.land, it might be reasonable to create one Project for each region or country. This will allow focusing on the details of the project at a geographical level.

Configuring your User Account

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Creating a Project

There are 3 ways to start the creation of a Project on explorer.land. The first way is to …

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