The Sponsor list

The Sponsor list shows all Sponsors of a Project.

Note: Since Sponsors do not have a 'draft' status, every entry in this list is also visible in the public Project presentation.

Each entry line shows you:

  • the Sponsor's logo,
  • the Sponsor's name,
  • the number of Contributions (which is also a Link to the list of the Sponsor's contributions) and
  • the user who created it.

In addition, you have following operations available:

  • editing the logo,
  • editing the header image,
  • editing all other fields, and
  • showing the description.

Sorting Sponsors by importance

As soon as you have two or more Sponsors listed in your Project, you have the possibility to sort them by importance. The order of the Sponsor entries will be propagated in different contexts of the public Project presentation.

To edit the order of the Sponsor list, click on the icon with the two arrows in the top right corner of the pane.

You will enter the edit mode. Rearrange the order by dragging and dropping the entries as needed.

Finalize the operations by clicking on the UPDATE ORDER button.

Deleting a Sponsor

To delete a Sponsor, go to the extended menu by clicking on the three dots icon on the right of the entry and select Delete. Please consider that all related Contributions and references to Sites will also be deleted. This operation cannot be undone!

Creating a Sponsor

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Adding Contributions

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