Creating a Project

There are 3 ways to start the creation of a Project on
The first way is to click on "CREATE PROJECT" directly on your Dashboard.

The second way is inside your Projects list page ①. Click on "Create a new Project" on the top right of that page ②.

The third way is inside your Organization overview page. Open the Organization's overview page to which you want to link your new Project. (You have to have created an organization already to use this option. See how to create an organization here.)

On the bottom of the left menu section click on "Linked Projects" ①. Then click on "Add Project" on the top right corner ②. Finally click on "Create new Project" ③. Once you created the project, it will automatically be linked to your organization.

After any of these steps, the Create a new Project form will open. All the fields in the form have a short description of that field underneath. Fill out all required fields and click on "SAVE AS DRAFT". To discard and quit the creation of the project, click the “Cancel” button or the "back" arrow on the top.

Keep in mind that depending on your screen size, you might have to scroll down the page to fill out the entire form.

What are Projects?

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Project classification

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