SDGs classification

It is possible to add Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and respective targets to Projects on

The SDGs will appear on your Project presentation page under the Home tab and in more detail under the SDGs tab.

Add SDGs and Targets to your Project

To add Sustainable Development Goals and Targets to your Project, navigate to the overview page of your Project, open the Classification dropdown menu and select SDGs.

Click the + symbol to add SDGs from the SDG pool.

Select your desired SDG and click ADD TO PROJECT. The SDG will now appear in the SDGs list.

The SDGs you have added to your project will remain highlighted in the SDG pool.

Edit SDGs

To edit a SDG, click on the respective entry in the list.

Add or edit the description of how your project is contributing to the SDG and link additional resources and documentation by clicking on the respective edit (pen) icons. A popup window will open where you can edit the selected field.

Add and edit Targets

To add a Target to your SDG click the + icon in front of Targets.

In the Add targets popup window, activate the slider of the targets you wish to add to your SDG and then click ADD SELECTED TARGETS.

To edit the target descriptions, click on the pen (edit) icons.

Enter your description and click SAVE.

You can view the definition of each SDG Targets by holding your mouse pointer over the i icon.

Delete Targets and SDGS

To delete Targets, click on the delete (bin) icon.

To delete a SDG, use the respective dropdown menu and click on Remove


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