The Stakeholder list

No project is run by solely by one organization. On the contrary, generally, several institutions take a part in the execution and support of projects. allows listing them all in the Project presentation page.

As soon as one or more Stakeholders are added to a Project, a new section with the Stakeholder list becomes available. In addition, Stakeholders can be promoted by placing the organization's logo and/or name in the Project's header.

Example of a Stakeholder list with three entries. Only one logo is shown in the Project header on the top. In addition, the names of the Stakeholders are presented in combination with the Project's title. These will be shown throughout the Project presentation. Which Stakeholder's logos and names are shown in the header is fully customizable.

The fields of a Stakeholder entry

A Stakeholder entry is composed by a logo, a name, a role, a description and a link. The fields role and description elucidate in which way the respective organization is involved in the project.

Learn more on how to add and edit Stakeholder entries here.

What are Stakeholders?

No project is run solely by one organization. On the contrary, generally, several …

Adding a Stakeholder

To add a new Stakeholder to your Project, navigate to the overview page of your Project …

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