Prominent Stakeholders

All stakeholders of a project are important, but there are some which need a bit more attention than others ;-). In order to present some selected stakeholders in a more prominent way, there are two possibilities:

  1. Listing Stakeholders in the header area of the Project presentation, or
  2. showing their logos on the Project's header image.

Or both!

To select which Stakeholders shall appear in the Project header, go to the Stakeholder management page and edit the respective entries.

To edit an entry, click on the pen icon.

On the bottom of the "Edit Stakeholder" form you will find the two fields Show Stakeholder's logo on the Project header image and List Partner in Project header.

Show Partner's logo
By selecting this option, the logo of the Partner will appear on the Project header image.

Show the Stakeholder's name or acronym
Here, you can choose if you want to list the name or the acronym (if available) of the Stakeholder organization in the Project header area. Should you want to list several Stakeholders with longer names, then it might be better to show the acronym instead, in order to avoid a long listing.

Note, that the order of the Stakeholder list will be reflected in these two contexts as well.

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