What are Sponsors and Sponsorships

Many projects are partially or completely financed by sponsoring. For a sponsor it is important to be able to publicly show that a contribution took place. In fact, in contrast to a donation, the idea of a sponsorship typically includes the possibility to commercially exploit that sponsorship, e.g. for marketing purposes.

Introduction to the Sponsor Presentation Module

This video presents the main functionalities of the Sponsor Presentation Module

The Sponsor Presentation Module allows sponsors and respective contributions (also referred to as sponsorships, depending on of the context) to be presented within the Project presentation in an exclusive way.

There are three different available views, namely:

  • The Sponsor list
  • The Sponsor page
  • The Sponsorship list on Site pages

Next, we will go through this three views.

The Sponsor list

The same way Projects can have a Partner list, it is also possible to list Sponsors. A dedicated tab SPONSORS in the Project menu gives access to the list. The order of the Sponsors in the list can be set by the user.

For Sponsors with Contributions, an additional link Show Contributions is available. It will take the visitor to the Sponsor page, where all the Contributions are listed.

Learn how to create a Sponsor here and how to add Contributions to a Sponsor here.

The Sponsor page

Sponsors with Contributions have their own page within the Project. The Sponsor page has a header section showing the sponsor's logo on a header image and the sponsor's name. Below the header section, the visitor will find the list of Contributions of that Sponsor to the Project. An ABOUT section is also available.

A Contribution is composed by the following fields:

  • a date or a period,
  • a title,
  • the indication of the size of benefited land area, the number of planted trees and the amount of invested money, and
  • a description.

Contributions linked to one or more Sites will have them listed below the description. The visitor will be able to zoom to individual Sites or open them for further exploration.

The Sponsorship list on Site Pages

Whenever Contributions are linked to Sites, they will appear on the respective Site pages. In addition to the NEWS and ABOUT sections, a SPONSORSHIPS section will be available, where all Contributions to that Site are listed.

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