News Feed Reader

The basic functionality of the Story Mapping App is the news feed of It allows users of the app to follow the news off all or selected projects listed on the platform. An account on is not needed! The newsfeed is available to everyone with the app installed on a mobile device.

The Global News screen

After starting the Story Mapping App, the initial screen shows the Global News feed.

This feed shows the news of all projects listed on in chronological order, from the newest to the oldest post.

Each card contains the following information:

To visualize a full post, click on the respective card. The new screen will deliver the full Post content, if available also a photo gallery and the respective slide mode.

By clicking on the VIEW PHOTOS button or directly on one of the gallery photos, you enter the slide presentation mode.

Subscribing to a project

Every Post preview card or full Post has a subscription icon. By clicking on it, you will subscribe to that Project.

By clicking on the subscription icon available on the Post preview card - left - or full Post view - right -, you will subscribe to the respective project.

Once you have subscribed to one or more Projects, the respective Posts will appear in your Subscribed News section.

In the Subscribed News section you will only find Posts of subscribed Projects.

Unsubscribe from Projects

In order to unsubscribe from a Project, just click again on the activated (filled) subscription icon.

By clicking on the active subscription icon you will unsubscribe from the respective Project.


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