Configuring your User Account

Each User Account has a few settings that can be configured. These are:

  • Setting the avatar image,
  • Setting the header image,
  • Changing the real name,
  • Changing the User password.

To access the User Account configuration page, you can:

  1. Click on the menu item "Account" in the Dashboard menu, or
  2. Select the MY ACCOUNT button from the User drop down menu in the top right of your dashboard.

    The URL corresponding to your User Account configuration page is
    To edit your avatar and header images, click on the respective pen icons in the left section.

    To edit your real name, username or change the password, edit the respective fields in the right section. Make sure you confirm your changes by clicking on the SAVE button.

Note: The email field cannot be edited. Should you still need to change it, please get in touch with us.

Updates: 28.08.19: It is now possible to edit the username.

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