What are Posts?

Posts are a core story-telling component of explorer.land. As in social networks or blogs, Posts are text entries combined with multimedia content, which allow sharing a certain episode of your project story.

The particularity of Posts in explorer.land is that they can be geolocated. In addition to the NEWS time-line, they can be shown on the Project map, allowing users to discover them while exploring the Project area.

Stand-alone Posts

Posts can be located anywhere in the landscape. These appear as an interactive orange marker on the map.

Clicking on it will deliver the full content, or a summary in a popup or a card, depending on if you are using a desktop environment or a mobile device.

Full Post presentation in a desktop environment.
Popup presentation of the Post on a tablet device.
Card presentation of the Post on a smartphone device.

Posts attached to Sites

When the content of Posts is related to a specific Site of the Project, the Posts can be directly attached to it.

Sites with attached Posts will show an orange circle indicating the number of attached Posts.

The number in the orange circle indicated how many Posts are attached to the Site.

Clicking on the Site marker opens the Site content with the NEWS section listing all Posts attached to that specific Site.

Sites with attached Posts will have a NEWS section where all attached Posts will be listed.

On tablet devices, the popup of Sites with attached Posts also shows a NEWS section with the latest Posts.

The popup of Sites with attached Posts has a NEWS section with the latest Posts.

On smartphone devices, the Site cards indicates how many Posts are attached to it. Clicking on the respective button opens the full list of attached Posts.

Site cards indicate how many Posts are attached to it.

Geo-less Posts

Posts can, but need not be geolocated. It is possible to publish general geo-less Posts. These will be only listed in the Project's NEWS section and do not appear on the map.

Unlisting Sites

The Unlisting Sites feature enables you to have any of your published Sites not listed on …

Creating a Post

There are two ways to create Posts. Using explorer.land's user dashboard Using the Story …

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