Adding videos to Posts

After you've created a Post, you can add a video to it to improve the storytelling potential of that same Post.

How to add a video to a Post

To add a video to a Post, navigate to the Project Management Panel and select "Posts" on the menu on the left. This will open the Posts management page.

On the Posts management page, you can select in which Post to add a video, by simply clicking on the respective "camera" icon.

This will open the "Add video" pop-up window, where you can add a valid URL from a YouTube or Vimeo video (1). You can also choose if the video will appear above or below your Post's description (2).

Conclude by clicking on the “Submit” button, or discard changes by using the “Cancel” button.

Once you click on the “Submit” button, you will be shown a preview of how the video will appear on your Post.

Conclude by clicking on the “Close” button, make some changes by using the “Go Back” button, or simply discard everything by clicking on the "Delete" button.

You can always go back and change the Video in the Post by adding a different valid URL.

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