Creating an Organization

Select "Organizations" from the navigation menu on the top left of your User Dashboard.

On the Organizations list page click on "Create new Organization" on the top right.

The Organizations creation form will open.

Start by naming the new Organization and type in the Acronym and Slug. Note that you have a definition of Acronym and Slug under the fields.

Next, choose the Organization type that best defines your Organization by selecting one category from the "Type" dropdown menu followed by a description of your Organization.

Finally fill out the remaining Contact fields and choose the country your organization is located in ①. (You will be able to edit all information again later on, except for the slug.)

Click "Save Draft" or "Publish" ②.

After creating your Organization it will appear on your Organizations page. Click Open on the Organization of your choice to access the Organization Overview page.

Once you are in your Organization's overview page, there you will be able to upload a logo and a header image.

What are Organizations?

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Umbrella Organization

What is an Umbrella Organization? An Umbrella Organization, as the name says, is a main …

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