Project classification

It is possible to classify Projects by adding tags related to three different categories, namely Type of Partners, Type of Activities and Commodities. The classification plays a role when searching for Projects in's main search page, where users are allowed to filter search results by different tags.

Visitors searching for projects on are allowed to filter the search results by combining different tags.

Classifying Projects

In order to classify your project, navigate to the classification settings page.

For each of the three category groups, you can select more than one tag from a drop-down list which best fit to the nature of your project.

Partner types
Indicate which type of organization types make up all involved Partners of your Project.

Select those activity types which define your project.

List all commodities which are being produced in your project.

You can sort the tags by dragging and dropping them in the chosen position.

The tags will be presented in that sequence to the visitor and should roughly reflect their importance in the context of the Project.

Click on the SAVE button to save the changes.

Proposing new tags

The available tags are predefined. Should you feel that a certain tag is missing and the available ones do not correctly describe your project, please send your proposed tag to

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