Adding Contributions

A Sponsor Contribution, also referred to as Sponsorship in some contexts of the platform, is an entry which contains information about the contribution of a certain sponsor to the project.

Adding Contributions

This video explains how to add Sponsorships to a Project

A Contribution contains the following fields:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Date (or period)
  • Contribution values (size of benefited land area; number of trees; amount of invested money)
  • Administrative ID
  • References to Sites

Creating a Contribution

To create a Contribution go to the context menu of the Sponsor entry for which you want to create it and click on Add Contribution.

A form will open.

The upper section of the form shows you for which Sponsor the Contribution is being created.

Give the Contribution a compact title.

Describe the Contribution form different perspectives. It's nature, the impact it will have, the history and motivation behind it.

Date or period
Indicate the date (in terms of month and year) the Contribution took place, or in case of a continuous Contribution, the period, by indicating start and end date.

In this section, you can describe the Contribution in terms of five different quantities, namely the number of planted trees, the size of benefited land area (in ha), the number of benefited persons or families, the amount of captured carbon in units of "tonnes of CO₂ equivalent" [tCO₂e] or the amount of invested money (in USD or EUR). You can combine all of them as it suits your communication best or leave these values empty.

To add values, just click on the respective icon and a popup will open with the field to fill out. Accept by hitting ENTER on your keyboard or clicking on OK.

Administrative ID
In case needed, this field can be used to store any internal administrative ID of the respective Contribution. It serves merely as a reference for administrative purposes. Notice, that this field is not public and will only be show within the project dashboard!

Save the new Contribution by clicking on CREATE CONTRIBUTION.

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