The Contribution list

The Contribution (or Sponsorship) list contains all existing Contributions in a Project.

Navigate first to your Sponsor list ①. From there, there are two ways to get to the Contribution list: By clicking on the CONTRIBUTION tab, which will list all Contributions ② or by clicking on the Contribution Links available within every Sponsor entry and which will take you to the Contribution list of that Sponsor only ③.

When accessing the list using the TAB, you will see all Contributions listed.

Filtering the list

You can filter the list by Sponsor using the respective filter mask.

Start clicking in the search field ①, select the Sponsor you want to filter from the dropdown box ② and confirm by clicking on the magnifying glass icon ③.

Another way to get to the same filtered result is accessing the Contribution list directly from the Sponsor list by clicking on the respective Contribution link.

Clicking on the Contribution link within a Sponsor entry opens the Contribution list showing the Contributions of that Sponsor only.

Searching for Contributions

The search field also allows searching for Contributions by their titles. Just type in a word and you will get all Contributions containing that word in the title.

Adding Contributions

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Linking Contributions to Sites

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